Support Pit Stops for Hope by Supporting Nick Terry's IRONMAN race.

IRONMAN NORTH CAROLINA - Wilmington, North Carolina - October 22nd 2016

When it comes to training for an Ironman, there are no easy days. Some days the training can be up to six hours for just one day, and up to fifteen or twenty hours weekly during peak training weeks. Sure, some days are easier than others, but none of them come without commitment and a vision to cross the finish line. While this type of dedication has changed my life personally, it would be selfish to put in that amount of effort just to have it only benefit myself. So, I have chosen to race Ironman NC to bring awareness and financial support to Pit Stops For Hope.

Pit Stops For Hope is a selfless non-profit organization that is doing all they can to end poverty and child hunger in NC. They also support our teachers who have a direct impact on the lives of the next generation. It’s so easy to turn our eyes the other way when it comes to these issues, but we must be the change we want to see. I once heard of a man who was burdened when he saw firsthand how poverty was affecting children, and he asked the Lord this question: “Where were you God while they were hungry?” The man said the Lord responded with something that would change his life forever when he said, “I’ve never left them, but where were you?”

You see, we can sit and wait for someone else to do something, or we can do something ourselves. Six days a week I’m training for Ironman NC, and every single time I train I think about the kids and teachers who will be impacted by our efforts. This can only be accomplished from us working together, and not alone. Please, would you consider being a part of our team and sponsoring a mile? I will carry your support with me everyday, but most importantly, the lives of our kids will be directly impacted by your generosity.

Nick Terry


Pit Stops for Hope is very excited that Nick has chosen our organization to raise money during his tremendous goal of completing an Iron Man! We have created some options for you to look at and decide how you want to partner with Nick during this Iron Man competition and also raise money for the children in our state that are struggling! As stated above, Nick’s goal is to complete right at 140 miles in one day of swimming, cycling, and running. Please look at the donations options below:


The Swim, Bike and Run - $100:  Sponsor 1 mile of the 140 miles Nick has to trek for $100. We’ll have a list posted on this page of all our mile sponsors. Feel free to name your 1 mile in memory of a loved one that has passed. You’ll also receive a PSFH t-shirt.

The Half Tri - $500: For $500, you are sponsoring 5 miles of Nick’s journey.  As well, your name, or a name of your choice will be printed on Nick’s Iron Man suit leg portion. You’ll also receive a PSFH T-shirt, and a PSFH Flex Fit Hat.

The Ironman - $1,000: For $1,000 dollars you are sponsoring 10 miles of Nicks journey. Your name or a name of your choice will be printed on Nick’s Iron Man Uniform on his back. As well as receiving a PSFH T-shirt and Flex-Fit Hat, you will also be invited to our 2016 Shootout to End Child Hunger located at GoPro Motorplex and receive VIP access to our biggest event of the year. VIP access will allow you to make laps in a go-kart during our practice segment. You’ll be on the track racing side by side against some of NASCAR’s biggest stars. During this closed practice session, youll have direct access to autographs and photos with your favorite drivers. 


Thanks so much for any donation you choose to make, we are grateful for your generosity! We are also extremely grateful for Nick Terry and his choice to team with Pit Stops for Hope during this wonderful challenge of mental and physical toughness. Nick’s hard work and determination to conquer this Iron Man will not only be a great accomplishment for him, this will also serve as a great accomplishment for those looking to serve the kids in our area that are in need of love, happiness and hope! Your donation will immediately go to helping Second Harvest Food Bank, The Salvation Army, or a low budget school in our area in need of extra supplies to help educate our youth.


As Nick has set a goal to not only participate in this Iron Man and to finish it, our goal is to raise $14k through this endeavor! We can do it! Thanks and God Bless!

$14,000 Goal


"The Swim, Bike And Run":

Michael Buck - Nick Terry - Meri Van Blarcom-Gupko - Pam Talbert - Kim Helsabeck - Matt Dusenberry - Amy Terry - Michael McDowell - The Wrights - Brian Haaland - David Ragan x2 - Beth Reinke - Stephen Holger - Micheal Beaver - Barbara Greene - Paul Swan - Amanda Efaw - Mike Dillon - Austin Dillon - Lisa & Steve Norris - Allen & Pat Quinn - Curtis Burke - Amanda Efaw - Bobby Dell - James Belue - Christian DeVivero x2 - RK Smithley

"The Half Tri":

Blake Koch - Doug Barnette

"The Ironman":

Matthew McKinley - Lanette Williams - Tracey Rogers - Crystal Hornish