Pit Stops For Hope Teacher Of The Month Award.

Pit Stops for Hope believes that part of the answer to solving child poverty starts inside the classroom. We believe by investing in education, we’re investing in the future of America. We are so excited to announce our latest investment in education by choosing a teacher of the month. This teacher can be from any state in the United States. What will our Teacher of the Month receive?  Each teacher of the month will be awarded a $500 gift certificate from Kaplan Early Learning for the growth and enhancement of education in their classroom. The winning teacher will be able to redeem their $500 gift certificate at www.kaplanco.com


How to nominate your teacher. 

Please fill out the form below.  You may also send in a video no longer than five minutes telling us why your nominee should win the $500 gift certificate. Please email the video to psfhteachers@gmail.com. Your video can include anyone you’d like to include. The main goal of the video is to persuade us that your teacher is the best! The first Pit Stops for Hope Teacher of the Month will be announced this February. Good luck to all, and we are excited about standing shoulder to shoulder with our educators all over the United States to make a change in the lives of our youth!

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If you would like to include a video please email it to: psfhteachers@gmail.com