We have approached our first off week of the 2015 NASCAR season. So far we are off to a grand start for PS4H! Our track sales have been going through the roof! At PHX we made $1700 and at Fontana we made approx $2000. We are in meetings about our GoPro Motorplex event in Oct and putting the pieces together for another calendar in 2016. The more experience and time we involve ourselves with this cause, the closer we are getting to understanding our root cause. There are so many people out there who need help, there is so much struggle, and so many kids who are getting caught up in this poverty, it will break your heart. It's tough to combat this problem when you have a full time job and problems of your own. But our PS4H team is dedicated to doing all we can to help our community. There is so much more we can do, there is so much more education and awareness that has to be spread. We must return to community playing the role of servants and when this happens, the change will happen! Jesus Christ described Himself as a servant. Why cant we?