Heading out for Phoenix tomorrow morning and we are very excited to set up sales on pit road. We had a great week from a social media stand point picking up 21 new followers from one of our Crew Shirt Retweet giveaways. Right now we are setting up for the future, and still finding our direction. This May will mark our 3rd year doing this and we are getting a feel for what works. A few days ago we sat down with Matt Linnville from The Salvation Army (SA). We were talking about our 2016 calendar and the direction we were taking for that, amongst other things. Matt then spoke of some pretty disappointing statistics that the SA has in Winston-Salem right now. Currently in Winston-Salem there are 64 school aged children that are homeless and living in the Center of Hope provided by the SA. 64 homeless kids in my city was mind blowing. We have to do something! These kids parents have stepped away from these kids, so we need to step up for these kids. This statistic has reignited a fire in my soul to do everything I can do to help. Please ponder this question: What are you doing to help child poverty in your state? I guarantee it exists.